Rettet den Präsidenten
vor Jungfrauentests


I saw this poster of some dude running for president that nobody’s ever heard of. He’s not the only one. There are so many others like him, some who have had some short television appearances and they’ve all become the laughing stock of Facebook.

Ironically enough, this is the sort of thing people revolt for: that anyone in the country would have an equal chance at running for presidency without discrimination. It shouldn’t be a ridiculous thing, but I still find it to be completely ridiculous. Because all these losers aren’t running for presidency out of an urge to serve their country. They’re doing it either for the personal urge to seek out fame and fortune. Or, knowing that they’re never going to win anyway, the want to be able to have said: „Y’know… one time, I ran for presidency.“

Even the popular hotshots running for presidency; they’re so naive to assume elections will actually be clean. Have they forgotten this is actually the same country where a military doctor has gotten acquitted for giving women protesters virginity tests without their consent? And this is after actual admissions and testimonies by military generals?! And this was only two weeks ago?

How can anyone ignore this fact, and go ahead and run for presidency while assuming he/she has a fair chance at winning?

The only man who could see the game clearly way ahead of the heard is Mohammed El-Baradei. If any of these clowns running for presidency had an ounce of dignity or a portion of a brain, they would pull out of this mock-presidential race and – if not call for the arrest and prosecution of the military council – at least demand a fair retrial over this virginity test thing.

But none of them care. They’re selfish power seekers just like Mubarak.

Oh right, what ever happened with Mubarak’s trial?